Ne Jemi Youth for Social Changes

Nga te rinjte per te gjithe njerezit.

About Our Organization

By young people for all people

Youth for Social Changes (Y.S.C.), is a youth non-governmental organization working especially with young people with fewer opportunities (with social problems, facing discrimination and social exclusion, coming from rural areas). We provide young people facing various obstacles and challenges an opportunity to develop competences, to inspire each other and to work together on changing their communities. We believe that ALL young people are equal and ALL young people need to be aware of their own value.
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Projektet tona me te mira

Ketu mund te gjeni disa nga projektet tona me te mira. Shikoni te gjitha detajet.
Youth and Reconciliation: Young People Can Make Difference
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My career from zero to hero”
Strengthening networks of Western Balkan CSOs to implement a one-stop-shop youth employability model for future jobs of 4.0. digital revolution”
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Dream it, Wish it, Do it!
Youth Exchange 'Dream it, Wish it, Do it! ' aims to break the borders preventing young people become more creative and develop their ability to solve various life challenges in more creative and innovative way.
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