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Project Timeline

August 2016 - July 2017

Project Overview

“Project Management Academy” has been developed as a long-term multi-measure activity engaging partner promoters from Western Balkans region as well as Programme Countries. In its essence, the project aims at developing the overall capacity of youth organisations to effectively manage youth projects funded with the support of EU grants. We wish to achieve the goal by means of successively implementing the following objectives:


– Equipping participants with better understanding of the EU funds and how to apply these to the youth sector around Europe
– Creating a toolbox of well-proven as well as new and innovative methods/tools/ideas/ strategies, etc. for effective projects management
– Exchanging and drawing learning outcomes from the best practices in the areas of youth projects management as already exercised by the partner organisations
– Ensuring ongoing support and advice to youth workers wishing to effectively manage their projects workload
– Providing space for networking and ideas development for the sake of creating future projects between the partner promoters
– Increasing the level of youth participation in NGO sector, through effective project management.


In order to ensure better and more sustainable results as well as to support project management competences development, the project will see implementation of the following activities:

– 3 international mobilities focused on project preparation (TC1), implementation (TC2) and human resources development (TC3)
– 14 capacity building activities – carried out altogether by partner promoters in-between the main mobilities
– 2 coordination meetings

All of these shall be further supported by ongoing coaching and mentoring provided via a specially dedicated e-learning platform. The activities will be implemented over the project lifetime that is August 2016 – July 2017.

All project activities (including capacity building), will see the application of diverse range of non-formal education tools and practices. These will be carefully selected by the trainers team, ensuring that a given method not fits the subject discussed and allows for the accomplishment of the objectives set.
It is expected that those engaged in the project will benefit to the highest extent from the project results, these being:
– Development of strong international cooperation with fellow promoters, allowing to follow up the project with similar joint ventures in the future, etc.
– Building and/or strengthening hard and soft skills in youth PM
– New NFE tools, ideas and best practices developed or shared within the project
– Engaging in the intensive learning process either during the mobilities, capacity building activities or when using the e-learning platform
– Gaining direct and practical experience in project implementation (achieved particularly through CB activities).

This project is is co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union.

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Impressions by Participans

Mimoza Gavrani-KOSOVO


Nina Sekulovic- MONTENEGRO

Sandra Panovska- MACEDONIA

Ioannis Iatroudis- GREECE

Marco Vigliocco- ITALY

Mary Drosopulos- GREECE

Martin Aleksi-ALBANIA

Corina Rosu-ROMANIA

Filip Mandalov- MACEDONIA

Anatolij Matiusinskij -LITHUANIA


Andi Emini-KOSOVO

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