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Rural Youth: Let’s Awake the Opportunities

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Project Overview

Rural Youth: Let’s Awake the Opportunities  has as the main   aim of the project is  to contribute to empowerment of
rural youth in communities of societies; Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo*   and Serbia. 


-To develop the competencies of the participants in areas of entrepreneurship,
social entrepreneurship and project management.
– To encourage the participants to become active in their communities by
addressing community challenges.
– To increase capacities of partner organizations to realize quality activities
addressing the needs and interest of rural youth.


In the framework of the project will be addressed the needs and challenges through two types of activities: 
two international training courses with the aim to build the knowledge of rural youth and their competencies that they can apply in their future life. 
And series of local activities that would provide the participants an opportunity to materialize their ideas into concrete actions and to experience the process of making change.

This project is supported by Regional Youth Cooperation Office – RYCO within its first Open Call for Project Proposals and brought together partner organizations coming from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo* and Montenegro.

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Impressions by Participants

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